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Prof Pauline Phemister

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6.04 (DSB)
Research Interests
Early modern philosophy, especially Rationalists and Locke/Philosophy of Nature.

Pauline Phemister M.A. Ph.D. (Edinburgh) returned to the department in 2005, prior to which she held a British Academy Post-doctoral Fellowship at the University of Oxford and taught at the Universities of Nebraska-Lincoln and Liverpool. She is author of Leibniz and the Natural World (2005),  The Rationalists: Descartes, Spinoza, and Leibniz (2006) and Leibniz and the Environment (2016) She is a co-investigator on the AHRC research project, Caring for the Future through Ancestral Time, and local co-ordinator of the CHCI Humanities for the Environment project, Uncertain Human Future

Student Consultation Hours

Fridays 11.30-12.30, or by appointment (semester 1); Fridays 11.10-12.00, or by appointment (semester 2)

Research Interests

Early modern philosophy, especially Rationalists and Locke, Philosophy of Nature. Pauline Phemister is a member of the Early Modern Philosophy @ Edinburgh research cluster.


History of Modern Philosophy/Environmental Philosophy.

Current courses taught:

Mind and Body in Early Modern Philosophy

Reason and Experience: Seventeenth Century Philosophy

Greats, lectures on Descartes

Pauline Phemister is willing to supervise postgraduate dissertations on topics relating to early modern philosophy and ecological philosophy.



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