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Since 1583, philosophy has been taught at the University, where David Hume was a student and Adam Smith lectured (history of philosophy at Edinburgh).
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"Interstellar" Film Review

14 Nov 2014

Dr Alasdair Richmond's view on the science...

Recent Philosophy PhD student jobs

27 Oct 2014

We're happy to announce...

2014 Undergraduate Awards

12 Sep 2014

Congratulations to two PPLS students who have been nominated...

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Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Debates

27 Nov 2014 16:10 – 17:30

Speaker: Dr Juha Saatsi (University of Leeds)
Title: "Truth, progress and realism in science"

Visiting Speaker Philosophy Seminar

28 Nov 2014 16:10 – 18:00

Speaker: Kenneth Walden (Dartmouth College)
Title: 'Realizing respect'

Abstract: I give a reading...

Meta Reading Group

4 Dec 2014 16:10 – 18:00

Reading: Berit Brogaard (2012), Transient Truths: An Essay in the Metaphysics of Propositions, Ox...

Scots Philosophical Association

5 – 6 Dec 2014

2014 Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Scots Philosophical Association. For more informati...

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