School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Useful links

Scottish Postgraduate Philosophy Association

All philosophy postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh automatically belong to the SPPA, which organizes conferences and seminar days, maintains a mailing list for the distribution of information and news relevant to its members, and also lists some useful online resources on its website.

Scots Philosophical Club

The SPC is the professional association of philosophers in Scotland. Their website includes a calendar of upcoming philosophy conferences and lectures in Scotland.

Proxy Cache Service information

Information from Computing Services about how to set up your PC to use the university Proxy Cache Service - required to access various university pages and philosophy resources from a PC not connected to the university network.

Accessing online resources

There are two main ways of logging into electronic resources: ezproxy and Shibboleth. At present most of our e-resources are accessed with EASE via the Information Services website using the ezproxy service.


Online archive of articles over 3-5 years old from many philosophy journals. (NB Proxy cache service required to access JSTOR from a PC not connected to the university network).

University of Edinburgh Library list of online journals

Links to online journals to which the university subscribes, including many philosophical journals. You can also search for online journals using the standard library search. (NB Athens login is required in order to access many journals, and the proxy cache service when using a PC not connected to the university network).

Centre for Teaching, Learning and Assessment

The TLA Centre at the University of Edinburgh runs courses for tutors that may be helpful for PhD students who are taking tutorials.

The Institute of Philosophy

The Institute of Philosophy is an Institute of the University of London's School of Advanced Study. Founded in 2005, the IP was made possible by a generous private donation and matching funding from the University of London. The Institute's aim is to make philosophy of the highest quality available to the widest possible audience, both inside and outside the UK's academic community.


PHILOS-L is the primary philosophy-related mailing list in the UK for professional academics. Carries details of calls for papers, conferences, seminars, jobs and philosophy news, as well as some discussion. Postgraduate students are welcome to subscribe.

SMS email

The University of Edinburgh email system is accessible over the Internet. Once you have logged in, you can choose to forward all incoming mail to a different (e.g. home) email address by choosing the "Filters" icon from the top of the screen - the filter should read "From: containing *", the "forward to" box should be checked and the email address to which you want email forwarded must be entered.

You will then also need to click the "Enable filter" button. Research students (though not taught postgraduates) can also request a new email alias in the format of, e.g., rather than the default Choose the "Options" icon then "Email Directory Aliases" and enter your preferred alias (the bit before the "@") and a description.

It usually takes 24 hours for new addresses to become functional, after which time you can choose "Options", "Personal Information" and update your "Default Identity" to reflect your new email alias.