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Prof Theodore Scaltsas

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6.03 (DSB)
Research Interests
BrainMining; Creative Lateral Thinking and Emotional Intelligence; Ancient Philosophy; Contemporary Metaphysics.

Dory Scaltsas (西奥多 斯卡特萨斯) holds the Chair of Ancient Philosophy in the Philosophy Department.

He studied philosophy and mathematics at Duke (B.S.), and at Brandeis (M.A.) and metaphysics for his doctoral work at Oxford (D.Phil.), where he wrote his thesis on Aristotle’s theory of substance, supervised by John Ackrill and Peter Strawson.

Dory’s first appointment was at New College, Oxford, as Lecturer in Philosophy, 1980-84. He then joined our department and has since held Research Fellowships at Harvard, Princeton, and Sydney Universities.

He directs Project Archelogos, a research project for the creation of an argument-database, using a new methodology for the analysis into arguments of Plato’s and Aristotle’s philosophical texts. Project Archelogos enjoys wide international collaboration and received the Henry Ford Foundation Award for the Preservation of European Culture in 1997.

A further series of his projects centre on Argument Visualisation -- the use of computers to graphically represent the structure and conceptual relations between theses and/or arguments.

Current Research

Dory’s current research is on the theory of BrainMining - emotive thinking - creative lateral solutions; on the relation of emotions to creative lateral thinking; and on emotions in decision making.

He is also developing a theory of Duoist Creative Thinking on the basis of Yijing metaphysical principles of Chinese thought.

He leads and participates in research projects for the development of methods for teaching creative lateral thinking in schools. 

His has further research interests in ancient metaphysics, contemporary metaphysics, and ancient epistemology. 

Research Projects

  1. Digital Exhibition of Zeno of Citium and Stoicism, for Cyprus' EU Presidency. Within the framework of Cyprus' Presidency of the European Union 2012, the Secretariat for the Presidency and the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture funded the creation of an Exhibition of the Ideas of Zeno and Stoicism.
  2. Creative Emotional Reasoning C2Learn Funded by EU 7th Framework Programme ICT (Information and Communication Technologies, €3.3M) to explore lateral thinking, emotions and creativity.
  3. Emotions First - The role of emotions in reasoning, Marie Curie Fellow suprvision, Dr Laur Candiotto, 2015-2017.
  4. Project Archelogos, Mr George David - 3E + Leventis Foundation. (See under Publications below).
  5. Latest research grants/projects

Visiting and Research positions

  • Harvard University (1987-8)
  • Princeton University (1989)
  • University of Sydney (1991)
  • Dartmouth College (1993)
  • Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa (2000)
  • University of Cyprus (2005)



Archelogos publications

The Archelogos projects have been supported by the Leventis, the Carnegie, the Leverhulme, and the Kostopoulos Foundations, the Directorate of Education of the European Community, and the Hellenic Ship-owners Association in London.


Greats: Aristotle lectures

Ancient Theories of Existence

The Structure of Being

Contact Hours: Wed's 1:00-2:00, DSB 6.03.

Administrative Roles

  • Course Organiser for Philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment
  • Course Organiser for Philosophy of Religion
  • Course Organiser for History of Modern Philosophy Texts
  • Course Organiser for Ancient Ethics
  • Course Organiser for Applied Ethics
  • Course Organiser for Philosophy of Wittgenstein
  • Course Organiser for The Nature of Moral Understanding
  • Philosophy Computing/Equipment Representative

Office Hours:

Wednesday 1pm-2:00pm