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Dr Matthew Chrisman

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5.11 (DSB)
Research Interests
Ethical Theory, Philosophy of Language and Epistemology

Matthew Chrisman (PhD UNC-Chapel Hill) is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. His research is focused on ethical theory, the philosophy of language, and epistemology. He has published widely in these areas, including articles in the Journal of Philosophy, the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosophers' Imprint and Philosophical Studies.

He is one of the lead authors of Philosophy for Everyone (Routledge 2014). His research monograph The Meaning of 'Ought': Beyond Descriptivism and Expressivism in Metaethics is forthcoming with Oxford University Press. He is editing a collection on Deontic Modality with Nate Charlow for Oxford University Press. And his textbook What Is This Thing Called Metaethics is under contract at Routledge.

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Here is a short video explaining one of Matthew's current research project:

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You can find links to Matthew's publications in one of the following three places:



Matthew routinely teaches the following courses at the University of Edinburgh:

  • Morality and Value (lectures on the Status of Morality, Why Be Moral, Kantianism, Contractualism, Virtue Ethics)
  • Meta-Ethics
  • Advanced Philosophical Method (MSc)
  • Further Topics in Meta-Ethics (MSc)
  • Philosophy of Action
  • Environmental Ethics



Matthew is also part of the team developing the Introduction to Philosophy (Massive Open Online Course):

mooc image

and the associated textbook Philosophy for Everyone, edited with Duncan Pritchard, Routledge (2014):

Philosophy for Everyone


Other Pedagogical Resources

'Deontic ModalsRoutledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (forthcoming).
'Epistemic ExpressivismPhilosophy Compass (2012).
'Ethical Expressivism' in The Continuum Companion to Ethics, Christian Miller, ed. Continuum (2011).
'Using Big Words to Explain Little Words' in Think 29, Vol. 10 (Autumn 2011).
'Emotivism' in The International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Hugh LaFollette, ed. (2013).




Office Hours:

Thursday 3:15-4:30pm
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