School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences


Affiliated Faculty

Academic Staff

Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Position sort upsort down Phone Location
Dr Matthew Chrisman Send Email to Dr Matthew ChrismanHead of Philosophy0131 650 36485.11 (DSB)
Prof Andy Clark FRSE Send Email to Prof Andy Clark FRSEProfessor0131 650 36596.14 (DSB)
Dr Alix Cohen Send Email to Dr Alix CohenChancellor's Fellow0131 651 13794.13 (DSB)
Dr Guy Fletcher Send Email to Dr Guy FletcherLecturer0131 651 12914.03 (DSB)
Dr Mikkel Gerken Send Email to Dr Mikkel GerkenLecturer0131 651 51726.02 (DSB)
Prof Sandy Goldberg Send Email to Prof Sandy GoldbergProfessorial FellowTBATBA
Dr Alistair Isaac Send Email to Dr Alistair IsaacLecturer0131 651 51746.08 (DSB)
Prof Jesper Kallestrup Send Email to Prof Jesper KallestrupHead of School0131 650 39554.06 (DSB)
Dr Inna Kupreeva Send Email to Dr Inna KupreevaSenior Lecturer0131 650 36535.02 (DSB)
Dr Jane Suilin Lavelle Send Email to Dr Jane Suilin LavelleLecturer0131 650 36515.07 (DSB)
Dr David Levy Send Email to Dr David LevyTeaching Fellow0131 650 99435.10 (DSB)
Dr Elinor Mason Send Email to Dr Elinor MasonSenior Lecturer0131 650 36656.06 (DSB)
Dr Andrew Mason Send Email to Dr Andrew MasonTeaching Fellow0131 651 18435.09 (DSB)
Prof Michela Massimi Send Email to Prof Michela MassimiProfessor0131 650 36625.03 (DSB)
Dr Aidan McGlynn Send Email to Dr Aidan McGlynnLecturer0131 651 63336.12 (DSB)
Dr Pauline Phemister Send Email to Dr Pauline PhemisterReader0131 651 37476.04 (DSB)
Dr Bryan Pickel Send Email to Dr Bryan PickelChancellor's Fellow0131 651 51774.04b (DSB)
Prof Duncan Pritchard FRSE Send Email to Prof Duncan Pritchard FRSEProfessor0131 651 17846.13 (DSB)
Dr Brian Rabern Send Email to Dr Brian RabernLecturer0131 651 51784.04c (DSB)
Dr Alasdair Richmond Send Email to Dr Alasdair RichmondSenior Lecturer0131 650 36566.11 (DSB)
Prof Michael Ridge Send Email to Prof Michael RidgeProfessor0131 650 36576.09 (DSB)
Dr Debbie Roberts Send Email to Dr Debbie RobertsLecturer 0131 651 51714.12 (DSB)
Prof Rob Rupert Send Email to Prof Rob RupertProfessorial FellowTBATBA
Prof Geoffrey Sayre-McCord Send Email to Prof Geoffrey Sayre-McCordProfessorial FellowTBATBA
Prof Theodore Scaltsas Send Email to Prof Theodore ScaltsasProfessor0131 650 36496.03 (DSB)
Dr Anders J Schoubye Send Email to Dr Anders J SchoubyeLecturer0131 650 39584.05 (DSB)
Dr Wolfgang Schwarz Send Email to Dr Wolfgang SchwarzChancellor's Fellow0131 651 55124.07 (DSB)
Dr Mark Sprevak Send Email to Dr Mark SprevakSenior Lecturer0131 650 39605.12 (DSB)
Dr Patrick Todd Send Email to Dr Patrick ToddChancellor's Fellow0131 651 51794.04a (DSB)
Dr Nick Treanor Send Email to Dr Nick TreanorLecturer0131 651 30856.07 (DSB)
Dr Tillmann Vierkant Send Email to Dr Tillmann VierkantLecturer0131 651 37485.06 (DSB)
Dr David Ward Send Email to Dr David WardLecturer0131 650 36526.05 (DSB)

Research Staff

Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Position sort upsort down Phone Location
Dr J. Adam Carter Send Email to Dr J. Adam CarterResearch Assistant0131 650 34845.04 (DSB)
Dr Ian Church Send Email to Dr Ian ChurchResearch Assistant0131 650 34845.04 (DSB)
Dr James Collin Send Email to Dr James CollinNetwork Facilitator0131 650 34845.04 (DSB)
Dr Orestis Palermos Send Email to Dr Orestis PalermosResearch Assistant0131 650 34845.04 (DSB)


Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Programme sort upsort down Phone Location
Max Andrews Send Email to Max AndrewsPhD Philosophy
Jose M. Araya Send Email to Jose M. ArayaPhD Philosophy2.16 (DSB)
Natalie Ashton Send Email to Natalie AshtonPhD Philosophy
Sam Baird Send Email to Sam BairdPhD Philosophy
Alessandro Barbieri Send Email to Alessandro  BarbieriMSc Philosophy
Paulo Barbosa Send Email to Paulo BarbosaMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Lautaro Barrera Send Email to Lautaro BarreraMSc Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Distance Learning)
Selina Beaugrand Send Email to Selina BeaugrandPhD Philosophy
Matthew Bixby Send Email to Matthew BixbyMScR Philosophy (supervisor Prof Duncan Pritchard)
John Bray Send Email to John BrayPhD Philosophy
Heming Stromholt Bremnes Send Email to Heming Stromholt BremnesMSc Philosophy
Adam Bricker Send Email to Adam BrickerPhD Philosophy2.16 (DSB)
Robin Brons Send Email to Robin BronsMSc Philosophy
Daniel Calder Send Email to Daniel CalderPhD Philosophy
KRISTEN CARDINAL Send Email to KRISTEN CARDINALPG Cert Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Distance Learning)
Ash Chakraborty Send Email to Ash ChakrabortyPG Cert Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Distance Learning)
Jesse Ciccotti Send Email to Jesse CiccottiMSc Ancient Philosophy
Eoghan Cooke Send Email to Eoghan CookeMSc Philosophy
Ana Maria Cretu Send Email to Ana Maria CretuPhD Philosophy
Brittney Currie Send Email to Brittney CurriePG Cert Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Distance Learning)
Annieke Den Besten Send Email to Annieke Den BestenMSc Philosophy
Patrick Denning Send Email to Patrick DenningPhD Philosophy
Joe Dewhurst Send Email to Joe DewhurstPhD Philosophy
Piotr Dickert Pawlaczyk Send Email to Piotr Dickert PawlaczykMSc Mind,Language & Embodied Cognition
Samuel Dishaw Send Email to Samuel DishawVisiting Philosophy Research Student
Koosha Eghbal Ketabchi Send Email to Koosha Eghbal KetabchiPhD Philosophy
Alexander Elliott Send Email to Alexander ElliottMSc Philosophy
Becky Enoch Send Email to Becky  EnochMSc Philosophy
Pablo Fernandez Velasco Send Email to Pablo Fernandez VelascoMSc Philosophy
John Fitzgerald Send Email to John FitzgeraldMSc Philosophy
Giada Fratantonio Send Email to Giada FratantonioPhD Philosophy
Jie Gao Send Email to Jie GaoPhD Philosophy
Renato Gehringer Send Email to Renato GehringerMSc Philosophy
William Griffiths Send Email to William GriffithsMSc Philosophy
Eveline Groot Send Email to Eveline GrootMSc Ancient Philosophy
Caitlin Hamblin Send Email to Caitlin HamblinMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Fotini Hamplová (Pantelides) Send Email to Fotini Hamplová (Pantelides)PhD Philosophy
Rosa Hardt Send Email to Rosa HardtPhD Philosophy
Tamarinde Haven Send Email to Tamarinde HavenMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Hasse Hämäläinen Send Email to Hasse HämäläinenPhD Philosophy+44 (0)788 758 0258
Keith Heard Send Email to Keith  HeardPhD Philosophy
Niels Hermannsson Send Email to Niels HermannssonPhD Philosophy
Elspeth Jajdelska Send Email to Elspeth JajdelskaMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Jeffrey Johns Send Email to Jeffrey JohnsPhD Philosophy
Miss Pamela Jouarie Send Email to Miss Pamela JouariePhD Philosophy0131 667 8865
Panayiotis (Panos) Kapetanakis Send Email to Panayiotis (Panos) KapetanakisPhD Philosophy
Rodgers Karemanzira Send Email to Rodgers KaremanziraMSc Philosophy
David Kennedy Send Email to David KennedyMSc Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Distance Learning)
Markus Kimeus Send Email to Markus KimeusMSc Philosophy
Evan Knott Send Email to Evan  KnottPhD Philosophy
Alkis Kotsonis Send Email to Alkis KotsonisPhD Philosophy
James Kraft Send Email to James KraftPhD Philosophy
Konstantinos Kravaritis Send Email to Konstantinos KravaritisPhD Philosophy
Yohann Kunders Send Email to Yohann KundersMSc Philosophy
Timothy Kunke Send Email to Timothy KunkePhD Philosophy
Luciana Lamenza Send Email to Luciana LamenzaPG Cert Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Distance Learning)
Caiden Lang Send Email to Caiden LangMSc Philosophy
Tsz Fung Lau Send Email to Tsz Fung LauPhD Philosophy
Urte Laukaityte Send Email to Urte LaukaityteMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Caitlin Leach Send Email to Caitlin LeachMSc Philosophy
Jonathan Lee Send Email to Jonathan LeeMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Shakira Lehmann Send Email to Shakira LehmannPhD Philosophy
Matthew Linsley Send Email to Matthew LinsleyMSc Philosophy
YAXIN LIU Send Email to YAXIN LIUMSc Philosophy
Carlos Lopez Send Email to Carlos LopezMSc Philosophy
Iliana Lytra Send Email to Iliana LytraPhD Philosophy
Ken MacMurray Send Email to Ken MacMurrayMSc Philosophy
Michael Malt Send Email to Michael MaltMSc Philosophy
Sean Marinelli Send Email to Sean MarinelliMSc Philosophy
Alan McCabe Send Email to Alan McCabeMSc Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Distance Learning)
Julie McGlynn Send Email to Julie McGlynnMSc Philosophy
GEORGY MEDVEDEV Send Email to GEORGY MEDVEDEVMScR Philosophy (supervisor Dr Inna Kupreeva)
Christian Michel Send Email to Christian MichelMSc Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Distance Learning)
Mark Miller Send Email to Mark MillerPhD Philosophy0740 524 71362.16 (DSB)
Alexander Miller Tate Send Email to Alexander Miller TateMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Juan Pablo Mira Send Email to Juan Pablo MiraPhD Philosophy
Rui Miranda Send Email to Rui MirandaMSc Philosophy
Guy Munden Send Email to Guy MundenPhD Philosophy
Sarah Napoleon Send Email to Sarah NapoleonMSc Philosophy
Ludovic Noble Send Email to Ludovic NobleMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Cian O'Carroll Send Email to Cian O'CarrollMSc Philosophy
John O'Connor Send Email to John O'ConnorPhD Philosophy
Robert O'Shaughnessy Send Email to Robert O'ShaughnessyPhD Philosophy
Anna Ortín Nadal Send Email to Anna  Ortín NadalPhD Philosophy
James Peachey Send Email to James PeacheyMSc Philosophy
Patrizia Pecl Send Email to Patrizia PeclVisting Philosophy Postgraduate
Eugene Philalithis Send Email to Eugene PhilalithisPhD Philosophy2.16 (DSB)
Andrea Polonioli Send Email to Andrea PolonioliPhD Philosophy2.17 (DSB)
Carlos Portales Send Email to Carlos PortalesPhD Philosophy
Christopher Ranalli Send Email to Christopher RanalliPhD Philosophy2.16 (DSB)
Nicholas Rebol Send Email to Nicholas RebolPhD Philosophy
Kyna Reeves Send Email to Kyna ReevesMSc Philosophy
Carla Rodriguez Send Email to Carla RodriguezMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Stephen Ryan Send Email to Stephen RyanPhD Philosophy
Stefan Sarkadi Send Email to Stefan SarkadiMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Mohsen Sate Send Email to Mohsen SateMSc Philosophy0786 960 8892
Juan Carlos Schrader Send Email to Juan Carlos SchraderPG Cert Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online Distance Learning)
Lukas Schwengerer Send Email to Lukas SchwengererPhD Philosophy
Eleanor Shackleton Send Email to Eleanor ShackletonPhD Philosophy
Kegan Shaw Send Email to Kegan ShawPhD Philosophy
David Statham Send Email to David StathamPhD Philosophy
Benjamin Sworn Send Email to Benjamin SwornPhD Philosophy
LEA VAN NEK Send Email to LEA VAN NEKMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Wout Van Praet Send Email to Wout Van PraetMSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
Juan Villacrés Bolaños Send Email to Juan Villacrés BolañosMSc Philosophy
Kevin Wallbridge Send Email to Kevin WallbridgePhD Philosophy
Ju Wang Send Email to Ju WangPhD Philosophy0741 921 2507
Lani Watson Send Email to Lani WatsonPhD Philosophy
Ashleigh Watson Send Email to Ashleigh  WatsonPhD Philosophy
Alex Whalen Send Email to Alex WhalenPhD Philosophy
Lee John Whittington Send Email to Lee John WhittingtonPhD Philosophy
Alan Wilson Send Email to Alan WilsonPhD Philosophy
Graeme Wilson Send Email to Graeme WilsonMSc Philosophy
Silvan Wittwer Send Email to Silvan WittwerPhD Philosophy
T.Y. William Wong Send Email to T.Y. William WongMSc Philosophy
Di Yang Send Email to Di YangPhD Philosophy
Pablo Zendejas Medina Send Email to Pablo Zendejas MedinaMSc Philosophy

Support Staff


Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Position sort upsort down Phone Location
Mrs Julie Anderson Send Email to Mrs Julie AndersonSchool Office Manager0131 651 30837.03 (DSB)
Mrs Clare McDonald Send Email to Mrs Clare McDonaldClerical Assistant0131 650 34427.03 (DSB)
Mr Michael Murray Send Email to Mr Michael MurrayDirector of Professional Services0131 651 30847.02 (DSB)

Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Denise Munro Send Email to Mrs Denise MunroAdministrative Secretary0131 650 4340G24 (7GS)

Bilingualism Matters

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Dr Madeleine Beveridge Send Email to Dr Madeleine BeveridgeResearch Co-ordinator in Bilingualism Matters0131 650 2884G.05 (DSB)

Buildings and Facilities

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Ms Sylvia Rennie Send Email to Ms Sylvia RennieBuildings & Facilities Manager0131 650 8393G6 (7GS)
Mr David Wilkinson Send Email to Mr David Wilkinson Buildings & Facilities Officer0131 650 34347.03 (DSB)

Centre for Cognitive Ageing & Cognitive Epidemiology

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Anna Sim Send Email to Mrs Anna SimCCACE Administrative Secretary0131 650 8275F2 (7GS)

Cognitive Neuroscience

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mr Ronny Wiegand Send Email to Mr Ronny WiegandCognitive Neuroscience Lab Manager0131 651 51464.11 (DSB)

Computing, Graphics and Sound

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mr Stephen Boyd Send Email to Mr Stephen BoydComputing Support OfficerSee profileSee profile
Mrs Morag Brown Send Email to Mrs Morag BrownSystems Manager0131 650 39634.02 (DSB)
Mr Nick Daniels Send Email to Mr Nick DanielsLearning Technologist0131 651 55084.11 (DSB)
Dr Simon Fokt Send Email to Dr Simon FoktLearning Technologist0131 651 51764.11 (DSB)
Mr Alistair Kirkhope Send Email to Mr Alistair KirkhopeComputing Support Officer0131 650 2899G7 (7GS)
Mr Cedric Macmartin Send Email to Mr Cedric MacmartinIT Services ManagerSee profileSee profile
Mr Alisdair Tullo Send Email to Mr Alisdair TulloProgrammer0131 650 41844.11 (DSB)
Mr Roy Welensky Send Email to Mr Roy WelenskyWebmaster & Graphics Officer0131 650 3458G7 (7GS)

Finance and HR Support

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Shirley Kirkaldy Send Email to Mrs Shirley KirkaldyAppointments & Finance Secretary0131 651 16847.03 (DSB)

Finance Office

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mr Steven McGauley Send Email to Mr Steven McGauleyAdministrative Officer (Finance)0131 650 34317.04 (DSB)

Human Cognitive Neuroscience

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Cheryl Phillips Send Email to Mrs Cheryl PhillipsEditorial/Clerical Assistant0131 650 6617F11 (7GS)


Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Karen Fleet Send Email to Mrs Karen FleetLibrarian0131 650 3439G3 (7GS)

Marketing/Knowledge Exchange

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Ms Ewa Lipinska Send Email to Ms Ewa LipinskaPublications Assistant1.03 (DSB)
Ms Kate Mayor Send Email to Ms Kate MayorOn maternity leave0131 650 31941.03 (DSB)
Dr Robin Morton Send Email to Dr Robin MortonKnowledge Exchange, Communications & Impact Manager0131 650 8292See profile
Dr Francesca Micol Rossi Send Email to Dr Francesca Micol RossiPPLS/Eidyn Knowledge Exchange Officer0131 651 55091.03 (DSB)
Ms Jackie Thompson Send Email to Ms Jackie ThompsonMarketing & Communications Officer0131 650 31941.03 (DSB)

Postgraduate Office

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Miss Lynsey Buchanan Send Email to Miss Lynsey BuchananPostgraduate Administrative Secretary0131 651 50021.06 (DSB)
Miss Katie Keltie Send Email to Miss Katie KeltiePostgraduate Administrator0131 650 35941.06 (DSB)
Miss Toni Noble Send Email to Miss Toni NoblePostgraduate Administrative Secretary0131 651 31881.06 (DSB)

Reception (Dugald Stewart Building)

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Shirley Yuill Send Email to Mrs Shirley YuillReceptionist0131 651 3296Reception (DSB)

Reception (Psychology Building)

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Ms Avril Brooks Send Email to Ms Avril BrooksReceptionist0131 650 8388Concourse (7GS)
Mr Ian Morrison Send Email to Mr Ian MorrisonServitor0776 587 1843

Research Office

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Ms Rachael Fowler Send Email to Ms Rachael FowlerResearch Secretary0131 651 51731.04 (DSB)
Mrs Susan Hamilton Send Email to Mrs Susan HamiltonAdministrative Officer (Research)0131 651 13011.04 (DSB)
Mrs Mel McLaughlin Send Email to Mrs Mel McLaughlinResearch Administrator0131 650 99671.04 (DSB)

Undergraduate Teaching Office

Firstname   Surname Position Phone Location
Mrs Moira Avraam Send Email to Mrs Moira AvraamHead of Undergraduate Administration0131 650 36611.05 (DSB)
Miss Sam Bell Send Email to Miss Sam BellTeaching Office Assistant Secretary0131 650 3602G.06 (DSB)
Mr Simon Cann Send Email to Mr Simon CannTeaching Office Assistant Secretary0131 650 9870G.06 (DSB)
Miss Mhari Davidson Send Email to Miss Mhari DavidsonStudent Support Officer0131 651 3737G.03 (DSB)
Ms Stephanie Fong Send Email to Ms Stephanie FongTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 3628G.06 (DSB)
Ms Fiona Graham Send Email to Ms Fiona GrahamTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 3440G.06 (DSB)
Judy McCulloch Send Email to Judy McCullochTeaching Projects Co-ordinator0131 651 5175G.02 (DSB)
Miss Susie Murphy Send Email to Miss Susie MurphyTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 3961G.06 (DSB)
Miss Sarah Nicol Send Email to Miss Sarah NicolStudent Support Officer0131 651 5505G.03 (DSB)
Ms Sue Richards Send Email to Ms Sue RichardsTeaching Office Secretary0131 651 3733G.06 (DSB)
Mrs Tamsin Taylor-Welch Send Email to Mrs Tamsin Taylor-WelchStudent Support Officer0131 651 5170G.03 (DSB)


Firstname sort upsort down   Surname sort upsort down Position sort upsort down Phone Location
Dr Modesto Gomez Alonso Send Email to Dr Modesto Gomez AlonsoVisitor0131 650 99425.05 (DSB)
Sherif Salem Send Email to Sherif SalemPG Visitor