School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Affiliated Faculty

Name Position Phone Location
Dr Thomas Ahnert Send Email to Dr Thomas Ahnert Academic Associate (History) 0131 650 3777 332 (WRB)
Dr Miranda Anderson Send Email to Prof Zen Bankowski Adjunct Faculty (English) 13.15 (DHT)
Prof Zen Bankowski Send Email to Prof Zen Bankowski Academic Associate (Law) 0131 650 2028
Prof David Bloor Send Email to Prof David Bloor Academic Associate (Science Studies Unit, Emiritus) 0131 650 4256
Dr Julian Bradfield Send Email to Dr Julian Bradfield Adjunct Faculty (Informatics)  
Dr Emily Brady Send Email to Dr Emily Brady Academic Associate (Geography) 0131 650 9137
Prof Alan Bundy Send Email to Prof Alan Bundy Academic Associate (Informatics) 0131 650 2716 2.15 (IF)
Prof Douglas Cairns Send Email to Prof Douglas Cairns Academic Associate (Classics) 0131 651 1647 136 (WRB)
Prof John Cairns Send Email to Prof John Cairns Adjunct Faculty (Law)  
Dr Ronnie Cann Send Email to Dr Ronnie Cann Adjunct Faculty (Linguistics and English Language)  
Prof David Carr Send Email to Prof David Carr Academic Associate (Education, Emeritus) 0131 651 6160
Dr Lynn Dobson Send Email to Dr Lynn Dobson Adjunct Faculty (Politics & International Relations)    
Prof Andrew Erskine Send Email to Prof Andrew Erskine Academic Associate (History) 0131 650 3591 4.12 (DHT)
Prof David Fergusson Send Email to Prof David Fergusson Academic Associate (Divinity) 0131 650 8912
Dr Vinit Haksar Send Email to Dr Vinit Haksar Honorary Fellow (Philosophy) 0131 650 6977 2.14 (DSB)
Prof Tim Hayward Send Email to Prof Tim Hayward Adjunct Faculty (Politics & International Relations)    
Dr Michael Herrmann Send Email to Dr Michael Herrmann Adjunct Faculty (Informatics) 0131 651 7177 1.42 (IF)
Dr Rob McIntosh Send Email to Dr Rob McIntosh Adjunct Faculty (Psychology)    
Dr Sara Parvis Send Email to Dr Sara Parvis Academic Associate (Divinity) 0131 650 8907
Dr Nick Phillipson Send Email to Dr Nick Phillipson Academic Associate (History, Emeritus) 0131 650 3785 1.07 (18BP)
Prof Geoff Pullum Send Email to Prof Geoffrey Pullum Adjunct Faculty (Linguistics and English Language) 0131 650 3603 2.23 (DSB)
Dr Paul Schweizer Send Email to Dr Paul Schweizer Academic Associate (Informatics) 0131 650 2704 5.13 (DSB)
Dr Peggy Series Send Email to Dr Peggy Series Adjunct Faculty (Informatics)  
Dr Alan Smaill Send Email to Dr Alan Smaill Adjunct Faculty (Informatics)  
Prof Mark Steedman Send Email to Dr Mark Steedman Adjunct Faculty (Informatics)  
Prof Keith Stenning Send Email to Prof Keith Stenning Academic Associate (Informatics, Emeritus)  
Dr Simon Trepanier Send Email to Dr Simon Trepanier Academic Associate (Classics) 0131 650 3589 4.10 (DHT)