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Epistemological Conceptions of the Open Society

8th April 2008


The rationale for the workshop topic is that while open societies are prized for the social goods that they bring, they are also prized for the distinctively epistemic goods that they are meant to bring too, though very little work has been done exploring this issue. This workshop will aim to open discussion on this topic. It is timed to coincide with Alvin Goldman's delivery of the 2008 Nature of Knowledge lecture.



Martijn Blaauw (Amsterdam)

Matteo Bonotti (Edinburgh)

Michael Brady (Glasgow)

Campbell Brown (Edinburgh)

Adam Carter (Edinburgh)

Jake Chandler (Glasgow)

Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh)

David Cockburn (Lampeter)

Anne Meylan (Geneva/Edinburgh)

Paul Faulkner (Sheffield)

John Guelke (Manchester)

Alvin Goldman (Rutgers)

Lottie Hanson (Stirling)

Jesper Kallestrup (Edinburgh)

Klemens Kappel (Copenhagen)

Alan Millar (Stirling)

Matthew Nudds (Edinburgh)

Duncan Pritchard (Edinburgh)

Mike Ridge (Edinburgh)

Piers Turner (UNC, Chapel Hill)

Ben Young (Jubilee Scotland)



A provisional programme is available here. The papers by Klemens Kappel and Paul Faulkner are available here and here.


Venue and Format

This workshop will be held in room 4.18 on the fourth floor of the David Hume Tower. This will be a small workshop in order to facilitate discussion. If you would like to participate, then please let the organizer, Duncan Pritchard, know.

This workshop is hosted by the Epistemology research cluster.


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